paper ‘temple steps’ ready for reading

I have a paper concerning temple steps on the temple mount ready for reading. It helps confirm my temple location. You may read it here. temple steps paper

Dome of the Rock holds hidden mathematics as found in Jewish temple

I have  a new paper which will show that the Dome of the Rock holds hidden length ratios as in the sacred space of the Jewish temples.  Other similar octagonal buildings also have these ratios present in their design. It is remarkable that the Dome of the Rock exists on the Jewish temple site with both sacred spaces having these very same ratios. you may find this paper here.

octagonal building mysteries

Holy Sepulcher has proof of Jewish temple location

I have updated my paper on the the Church of the Holy Sepulcher proving the Jewish temple location. You may find the paper here:

A Proof of Jerusalem Temple’s location can be found in Church of Holy Sepulchre.

This paper shows the location of Golgotha and how important landmarks of the city were measured.