My website has been updated

I have one more paper to work on about Baalbek.I will post it and notify you on this blog when the paper is online.

I have updated my website and  I have improved the navigation around the site.  The website has material not posted on this blog. It also has material not discussed in this blog or on the papers linked to on this blog. It all free– this blog, these papers, my video clips. Everything is one of a kind– unique– very unique. You will not find the material given on any other website or book ever written even if you you were to do searches. You will find material concerning the Urim and Thummim in websites or books, but not my explanations.

My Urim and Thummim are multiples of a single plate design which when held up and manipulated over each other, will create magic trick illusions. You actually see this working in my video clips. And this is but one of many topics you will find from this blog, my website my books and my video clips.

You will find webpages containing information about my two books Sacred Stones Sacred Stories volumes 1 and 2 on my website. If you go to my website, you may click on the book pages or not.

I do not use a hard sell or even a soft sell or send spam or sell to third parties any data  to peddle these books. I am afraid people will not comment, or make me a favorite, or reblog in any form if they think I would will put them on a list to try to get them to buy these books. The webpages are up on the website because I need to advertise that these books do exist and are for sale, so that I do not have to hear “oh, if I only knew you have books about this or that”. The only way you can buy books is by emailing me directly any questions or by placing an order.

But since I am writing about these books, here are some details not stated on the website.    

These books have the details my free materials lack. For example– you learn a little about one or two of the Urim And Thummim images in the free media, but volume 2 has the details of ALL the images I have, and ALL the details I have worked out. The book has a chapter on how I discovered the images. I do not give away all my knowledge of free.

Likewise in Volume 1 you will learn about my early work on the Jerusalem Temple location. This book has material not found in my free papers. All of volume 1 goes into greater depth of subjects of which my free material is my newer researches.

These two books are made from 24 lb archival paper. The hard cover is done by an old time book bindery company using century old equipment and techniques which are made to last.

I have enough material to made a second edition hard cover, soft cover, or ebook edition of Volume 1, but these is not in the foreseeable future.

Joesph Lieberman, the ex senator and the U.S. vice presidential Democratic party’s  nominee in 2000 election has given me endorsements on both volumes.

These books have the potential of being extremely collectible.

The website is


Dome of the Rock holds hidden mathematics as found in Jewish temple

I have  a new paper which will show that the Dome of the Rock holds hidden length ratios as in the sacred space of the Jewish temples.  Other similar octagonal buildings also have these ratios present in their design. It is remarkable that the Dome of the Rock exists on the Jewish temple site with both sacred spaces having these very same ratios. you may find this paper here.

octagonal building mysteries

Holy Sepulcher has proof of Jewish temple location

I have updated my paper on the the Church of the Holy Sepulcher proving the Jewish temple location. You may find the paper here:

A Proof of Jerusalem Temple’s location can be found in Church of Holy Sepulchre.

This paper shows the location of Golgotha and how important landmarks of the city were measured.

concerning the location of a southern Jewish temple staircase

I predict straight stairs could be found within the southern end of the Muslim Platform on the temple mount in Jerusalem. This would have been a temple feature of the southern Cheil. If ever archeological evidence for straight stairs were found buried at this southern end of the platform, this would help to confirm my location of the temple. The southern edge of the Muslim platform would have been the southern edge of the Cheil and the line of the Soreg. This edge of the platform was a temple feature pro served to this day.

The link to my paper on the temple’s location and various diagrams can be found at this link.

Jewish Temple paper.

Concerning Jerusalem temple location from western set of stairs

My previous post discussed the location of a curved  eastern stairs into the inner courtyard. This post concerns a western stair location. I suspect some straight stairs which were part of the Temple’s Cheil lies buried below the present staircase to the  west of the Dome of the Rock. If ever archeological evidence finds some straight stairs under the upper half of the current Muslim stairs just to the west of the Dome of the Rock, the finding of these stairs helps to confirm my location of the temple. You may read and see my diagrams from this link on this blog.  (other blog entries have links to other papers and website.)

Link to my temple paper.

The  origin of the present staircase  may be part of a staircase going up from the west to a Roman pagan temple or equestrian statue of the Emperor Hadrian on the site of the Jewish Temple’s Holy of Holies, The Muslims then built the Dome of the Rock on the Jewish temple site, and incorporated this staircase into their design. The present staircase looks fairly new, but I believe it is on the site of the first Muslim staircase going up to the building from the west. This would have been one of the four original staircases going up to the platform (the southern staircase between the Al aksa and the Dome of the Rock being the most important or most frequented. This staircase is one of two built within the platform while the others were built outside. Also this staircase is the deepest or longest of the two.

The Jewish temple’s axis line would have been south of the Muslim Dome of the Rock axis line. The Muslim staircase is not directly in back of the building, but shifted to the south. In fact, the Jewish temple’s axis line runs on or vcry close to the bottome of the Muslim staircase. this axis line also runs close to the northern edge of the staircase.