new article on the secrets of Saint Peter’s Grave on the Vatican Hill

I have a new paper posted. It is about the secrets of Saint Peter’s grave on the Vatican Hill. You will learn how the site of Saint Peter’s execution relates to the site of his grave by a system of measuring cords laid on the ground. This system was used to lay of the Circus of Nero. the grave site, and later the first basilica at the Vatican. A number of sacred mysteries in both pagan and Christian religion beliefs also can be seen in this measuring design.

Learn how ancient legends, such as one concerning the ashes of Julius Caesar being in the ball on top of the circus obelisk holds a sacred mystery. See how graffiti drawn on the walls near the grave holds another sacred mystery.  Why did a pagan specify he be entombed near the circus? Was he an initiate into a sacred mystery?

You can find the article here:

Unlocking Secrets of Saint Peter on the Vatican Hill


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